by Returner

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Police Report:
(September 15th, 1995)

The body of Dr. Raymond Gordon was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Beside him, the body of a stolen cadaver from a local university was also found at the incident. Gordon's son was found 3 blocks away from their home, frantic and barely coherent, claiming that his father had reanimated the corpse.

Here is the story...


released October 31, 2013

Chris Fear: Vocals
King Gary: Guitars / Bass
Jon Kois: Drums

Guest guitar leads on 'Pendulum'
Dave Fox: leads 2 & 4
Adrian Mowry: Lead 5 & outro

All songs - Returner
recorded by King Gary
vocals, mixed & master by Dan O'hare at Mark-It-Zero Studios

Artwork - Marek Danielewski (inkurge.blogspot.com)
Design - Scott Oshin



all rights reserved


Returner Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Overture to Madness / Eyesore

Brilliance, destroyed him
One man's vigilance, tireless dedication

Lifeless, nameless, staring
Recapture the soul, re-animate life
Resuscitate, breath, revisiting site

He grabs his revolver
Hysterical laughter
Track Name: Vital Functions
Vital Functions:

The fascia is cut left to right
Pull the scalp, gripping tight
In brain death there's so little time
In the stem, back to life

Blasphemy within his eyes
The fallen one begins to rise
Antichrist of flesh and bone
His majesty with his throne

With crimson and pieces
The shape took the floor
Gurgling for volume
Expressing its horror

Feels like house is turning
Inside out, upside down, burning

I follow my own pulse
Endless into the night
Reality separates
I feel the dark, I turn the page
Track Name: Stare into the Eyes of the Sick
Stare into the Eyes of the Sick:

Isolation, medication, bed
Wretched nights, endless sites
Voices still guiding me

Shit and eat, monotony, dead
Hallucination, dark obsession
Please heal my soul and bleed

Stare into the eyes of the sick
Desperate, wasting time, traces
Stare into the eyes of the sick
Desperate, wasting time, faces

Therapy, hypocrisy, lies
Tension higher, defeat and tire
Father will walk with me

Fallacy, calamity, end
Eyes will see, reality
Let go, my soul will seek

Stare into the eyes of the sick
Desperate, wasting time, traces
Stare into the eyes of the sick
Desperate, wasting time, faces

Clouded Visions

Clouded Visions